Dr. Wu’s Healing Art: Traditional Chinese Healing Through Art

“My vision for the artwork grew when a patient who was ill with cancer asked me to paint a picture for him. Suddenly I realized that I had found a way to heal many more people than the number I could see in my office every day.” -Dr. Wu

Dr. Wu came to the United States as an immigrant of a laundry man’s son, who then went off to graduate from Harvard and become a highly successful venture capitalist on wall street. He took a turn towards his roots and journeyed to study and eventually practice Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

The holistic system of TCM led him to begin to interpret and express the intricacies and poetry of this philosophy of health through visual arts. His work promotes balance, healing, and relaxation by connecting with deeply embedded aspects of our being. His art speaks to the soul, encourages our systems to heal themselves, and teaches about culture and history all at the same time.


Hear his story and see more of his art here: http://www.wushealingart.com/


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