Inocente: The voice of an artist coming home

inocenteInocente, though only 15 when this documentary was made, speaks with a wisdom, knowledge, and deep understanding of how her art is a doorway to personal and emotional freedom. She paints the colors of her life, sharing and transforming the struggles of being a young, homeless, Latina, from an undocumented and abusive family into beautifully expressive works of healing art.

Her creativity, passion, and determination is a force that has helped to turn her life around, sending roots down deep to ground herself in her own unique identity and find herself in a place where she can finally feel at home. In the fashion of a true healing artist, as she heals herself, she heals her family, and all who come into contact with her or her canvases and see her beauty.

Check this powerful short doc, that  is the first ever crowd funded short to win an Oscar. Watch and be touched as Inocente heals herself through her paint.


ONE BILLION RISING: Dance to End Violence Against Women

One in three women on the planet will experience physical or sexual violence in her lifetime. That is one billion sisters, mothers, daughters, partners, and friends that will be affected.This year, one of the most massive art and healing movements has been organized to address women’s issues including the undocumented but ongoing prevalence of domestic violence,  rape and sexual harassments, and the absence of operational support system for abused women and children.

one billion rising

ONE BILLION RISING will unite women and those who love them in over 197 countries across the world to collectively address the global issue of violence against women and girls. This V-day, February 14th, 2013, those in support of this movement will come together in a worldwide DANCE, to break free from violence and oppression, and  empower and activate women across the world to demand that issues of violence against women are addressed.

This movement embodies what we at Eternal Queens love to see. People coming together to use their creative potential to make waves, heal our personal and cultural wounds, and voice their truth. Dance is a creative healing force that everyone of us has the ability to do. Dance keeps you moving and promotes a healthier physical, emotional, and community life. When you dance, your body has a life and a wisdom of its own that is free to come alive. When we when we dance together with an intention to end violence against women, we are invited to have fun and let loose, express and embody emotion, release tensions, connect with others, and non-violently harness our collective creative force to make change.

SF 1bil

Those based in San Francisco have organized several ways to join the movement. Break it down by dancing across the Golden Gate Bridge at 10:00 AM on February 14th or join Mayor Ed Lee at City Hall to vibe with some DJ’s, guest speakers, and Flash Mobs. Eternal Queens supports this powerful gathering, and pays homage to the women of the Bay Area and across the world that move together heal our culture from sexual violence and support women’s rights. Heal yourself, others, and the earth in 2013.

With love,
– Eternal Queens

Looking Through The Viewfinder

As women, we are constantly being judged and judging ourselves based on appearance. Growing up in the Bay Area, I was surrounded by beautiful women of different races, shapes, and cultures. Yet, it wasn’t something that I saw reflected in our media or in the interests of young men my age. The women in ads or on TV were Caucasian with thin straight noses, light skin and high cheekbones. Even if the woman was African American or Latina, she possessed a “white” quality such as green eyes or light skin.

Being biracial, I already struggled with race and appearance in different ways. My features reflect my Salvadorian heritage but my household spoke english and my mother is light haired and Irish. Wherever I went I was treated and expected to act “Latina”. During that time, I felt like the “Latina” stereotype of fiery, passionate sexuality didn’t fit with me but it was a way to receive attention and feel attractive.

After I got older, I began to work on a healing project. I decided to photograph my friends who were beautiful, but whose features didn’t match with our media’s standards of beauty.

Looking through the viewfinder I didn’t see these young women as friends. They became stunning strangers who’d caught my eye. I started to think of the mirror as my viewfinder, and saw the beauty in myself.

Much Love,


Eternal Queens


Climbing PoeTree: Art as Medicine, Voice, Weapon, and Vision


Eternal Queens’ was first introduced to the force that is Climbing Poetree when they swooped through San Francisco to perform their amazingly soulful, dual-voice, spoken word, and multi-media theatre production “Hurricane Season.” Their acclaimed performance explores diverse themes, including: healing from state and personal violence, spiritual expansion, social, environmental, racial, and sexual justice, and woman’s empowerment.


With flawless cadence and impeccable lyricism, Alixa and Naima weave together their voices to tell powerful stories of suffering and injustice, courage and love in a world overcome with fear. Soul-stirring and heart-opening, the poetry they deliver challenges its listeners to remember their humanity, dissolves apathy with hope, exposes injustice, and helps heal our inner trauma so that we may begin to cope with the issues facing our communities.

EQ stands strongly in solidarity with the Climbing PoeTree movement! Check them out, watch their videos, and feel the power these amazing women put out to the ethers. Respect!

Peace and Love,
– Eternal Queens

Eternal Queens’ “She Heals” series goes into production.


She Heals: Kaley Scofield

Sunday was a phenomenally empowering day for Eternal Queens producers Sam and Claire. We met up with dancer and long time friend, Kaley Scofield, at Oakland’s Tropicana Ballroom for the first in a series of interviews we are going to be releasing called She Heals. Seeing Kaley dance is always memorizing. Meeting her at first, you see a gentle, calm, and soft woman with piercing eyes and smile. Then when she dances, the power she exudes is unbridled and fiery,  and you can feel her strength flowing to the top of the ceiling and into every corner of the room.


Kaley’s parents were dancers in New York. They became teachers after she was born and took her from class to class, instilling dance in her as an art form. She states: “It was a kind of language that I learned from my parents and ran with it.. if there wasn’t anything else, there was always dance.”

Hear Kaley’s story in She Heals: A Dancer’s Story. Coming soon.

Much love,

Eternal Queens.