Eternal Queens’ “She Heals” series goes into production.

She Heals: Kaley Scofield

Sunday was a phenomenally empowering day for Eternal Queens producers Sam and Claire. We met up with dancer and long time friend, Kaley Scofield, at Oakland’s Tropicana Ballroom for the first in a series of interviews we are going to be releasing called She Heals. Seeing Kaley dance is always memorizing. Meeting her at first, you see a gentle, calm, and soft woman with piercing eyes and smile. Then when she dances, the power she exudes is unbridled and fiery,  and you can feel her strength flowing to the top of the ceiling and into every corner of the room.


Kaley’s parents were dancers in New York. They became teachers after she was born and took her from class to class, instilling dance in her as an art form. She states: “It was a kind of language that I learned from my parents and ran with it.. if there wasn’t anything else, there was always dance.”

Hear Kaley’s story in She Heals: A Dancer’s Story. Coming soon.

Much love,

Eternal Queens.


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