Climbing PoeTree: Art as Medicine, Voice, Weapon, and Vision

Eternal Queens’ was first introduced to the force that is Climbing Poetree when they swooped through San Francisco to perform their amazingly soulful, dual-voice, spoken word, and multi-media theatre production “Hurricane Season.” Their acclaimed performance explores diverse themes, including: healing from state and personal violence, spiritual expansion, social, environmental, racial, and sexual justice, and woman’s empowerment.


With flawless cadence and impeccable lyricism, Alixa and Naima weave together their voices to tell powerful stories of suffering and injustice, courage and love in a world overcome with fear. Soul-stirring and heart-opening, the poetry they deliver challenges its listeners to remember their humanity, dissolves apathy with hope, exposes injustice, and helps heal our inner trauma so that we may begin to cope with the issues facing our communities.

EQ stands strongly in solidarity with the Climbing PoeTree movement! Check them out, watch their videos, and feel the power these amazing women put out to the ethers. Respect!

Peace and Love,
– Eternal Queens


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