ONE BILLION RISING: Dance to End Violence Against Women

One in three women on the planet will experience physical or sexual violence in her lifetime. That is one billion sisters, mothers, daughters, partners, and friends that will be affected.This year, one of the most massive art and healing movements has been organized to address women’s issues including the undocumented but ongoing prevalence of domestic violence,  rape and sexual harassments, and the absence of operational support system for abused women and children.

one billion rising

ONE BILLION RISING will unite women and those who love them in over 197 countries across the world to collectively address the global issue of violence against women and girls. This V-day, February 14th, 2013, those in support of this movement will come together in a worldwide DANCE, to break free from violence and oppression, and  empower and activate women across the world to demand that issues of violence against women are addressed.

This movement embodies what we at Eternal Queens love to see. People coming together to use their creative potential to make waves, heal our personal and cultural wounds, and voice their truth. Dance is a creative healing force that everyone of us has the ability to do. Dance keeps you moving and promotes a healthier physical, emotional, and community life. When you dance, your body has a life and a wisdom of its own that is free to come alive. When we when we dance together with an intention to end violence against women, we are invited to have fun and let loose, express and embody emotion, release tensions, connect with others, and non-violently harness our collective creative force to make change.

SF 1bil

Those based in San Francisco have organized several ways to join the movement. Break it down by dancing across the Golden Gate Bridge at 10:00 AM on February 14th or join Mayor Ed Lee at City Hall to vibe with some DJ’s, guest speakers, and Flash Mobs. Eternal Queens supports this powerful gathering, and pays homage to the women of the Bay Area and across the world that move together heal our culture from sexual violence and support women’s rights. Heal yourself, others, and the earth in 2013.

With love,
– Eternal Queens


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