SHE HEALS SERIES: Healing the Mother with Laila Espinoza

Living in the SF Bay Area is like living in the most fruitful creative garden that has nonstop, juicy, colorful, beautiful harvests year round that always provide artistic abundance. That is exactly why we are so juiced to share with you the art and stories of powerful artists who are making healthy shifts in their personal lives and in the community through their art.

Laila Espinoza is one of these women. We sat down with her and talked about her life, experiences, and how art has been a tool in her overcoming major challenges. She is not only an incredible artist, but an inspired woman, mother, and teacher whose story about relating to illness in her family touched me deeply.

Watch the Eternal Queens Exclusive Interview with Laila, the latest in our SHE HEALS SERIES. Enjoy 🙂

Laila is currently in Oakland, CA and is attending the Community Arts Program at California College of the Arts. Check out her website and more of her amazing art at

Video shot and edited by EQ’s own: Claire Vela

In Gratitude,



3 thoughts on “SHE HEALS SERIES: Healing the Mother with Laila Espinoza

  1. ich heiße Sizilia Feik und suche seid 30 jahren meine Schwester Laila Espinoza,sie ist eine Gipsy und mit ihren Mann Salvador Espinosa damals nach Mexiko gegangen. vieleicht ist das ja ihre Tochter in dem Video ihre Tochter ist damals in Bad Hesrfeld geboren und heist Laila Lupita Espinosa. vieleicht habe ich ja Glück und mir kann einer sagen ob meine Schwester noch lebt.

  2. Dear Sizilia, Thank you for your message. I don’t speak German but I will have a friend translate for me. Also, if you understand a little English, I want to tell you I am in contact with Angelique and Fabian. Here is my contact information below. My name is Laila (Lupita) Espinoza Feik

  3. Liebe Sizilia, vielen Dank fur deine Nachtricht. Ich spreche kein Deutch, aber Ich werde mein Freund fur mich ubersetzen. Auch wenn due ein bisschen Englische verstehen kann, ich will dir sagen dass ich in Kontakt mit Angelique und Fabian bin. Hier ist meine Kontakt Informationen darunter. Ich heisse Laila (Lupita) Espinoza Feik.

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