Hello world. It’s been a while since Eternal Queens has been posting online. I have taken some well needed time to recuperate, regenerate, and revision major parts of my lifestyle. Sometimes to heal means to honor our natural cycles of action and rest. Taking refuge when one needs it is vital to health, and in a culture that does not value the act of ‘slowing down’ by any means, women especially must ferociously protect this right.

So, it has been done, and like all cyclical things it has passed, taught me much, and helped me to become a better artist and all around healthier person. Today I stand in gratitude for the lessons that arise from silence, stillness, and deep meditations.

I hope you too are finding peace and gratitude daily. I share with you an original EQ comissioned piece that honors this essence and beauty. Enjoy, and stay tuned in with us for more EQ in 2014.

A queen in a peaceful state of mind, surrounded by the beauty of nature.

A queen in a peaceful state of mind, surrounded by the beauty of nature.


Stay blessed!!! With love,


The Moon and Healing Goddess, Ixchel


The Mayan Goddess, Ixchel, the goddess of the Moon, Water, Weaving, Fertility and Healing. Her name is a combination of Ix meaning goddess of the feminine and Chel meaning Rainbow.

Ixchel is deputized in three forms in the painting above. One is the old women, the midwife with a pot of rainwater and a snake wrapped in her hair. The snake symbolizes medicine and intuitive forces.

The middle women is the “Lady Rainbow”. Ixchel was the first woman to weave and her spindle is the center for movement in the Universe. The clothes that she wears are traditional woven textiles.

The third image of Ixchel is the Mood Goddess. The Moon is associated with the reproduction cycle and she holds a rabbit to symbolize fertility.

The Island of Cozumel, located in the Caribbean off of Mexico held a temple dedicated to Ixchel and her followers, the feminine Cult of Ixchel, would travel to this island from all over the Mayan Kingdom to ensure a fruitful marriage.

Ixchel can also be portrayed as a jaguar goddess with a spear and shield. Her partner is Itzamná, creator of the world, their marriage is happy but when they argue cosmic changes such as eclipses occur.