The Movement

ETERNAL QUEENS is a San Francisco based movement that aims to uplift the collective mind, body, and spirit by using arts and digital media to promote health and transform our world.The EQ Blog shares the latest stories, images, and voices of of those who are using their art as a creative force promoting personal, social, and global health.

Our mission:

  • To promote a collective, social change towards a healthy, just, and conscious future.
  • Invite youth, adults, and elders to engage in the arts as a tool for health and healing.
  • Bring awareness to the phenomenal stories, images, and videos that illustrate how art is a healing force in our world. One ongoing project, EQ’s SHE HEALS SERIESspotlights local female artists who are using their art to create positive change and advance health and wellness in our culture.

Join the movement. Awaken the ETERNAL QUEEN within.

Please email us at if you have any questions or would like to spotlight an artist on our blog.


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